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Definition: Give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory, typically with the aim of persuading others to share one's view.
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I don't think anybody would argue now that the Internet isn't becoming a major factor in our lives. However, it's very new to us. Newsreaders still feel it is worth a special and rather worrying mention if, for instance, a crime was planned by people over the Internet.
Douglas Adams

Change means movement. Movement means friction.
Saul Alinsky

Every banker knows that if he has to prove that he is worthy of credit, however good may be his arguments, in fact his credit is gone.
Walter Bagehot

Avoid fight or flight, talk through differences.
Stephen R. Covey

Don't argue for other people's weaknesses. Don't argue for your own. When you make a mistake, admit it, correct it, and learn from it - immediately.
Stephen R. Covey

There are two powers at which men should never grumble - the weather and their wives.
Benjamin Disraeli

Where two discourse, if the one's anger rise,
The man who lets the contest fall is wise.


We're not quarrelling! We're in complete agreement! We hate each other!
Nanette Fabray

The stronger man's argument is always the best.
Jean de La Fontaine

He never wants anything but what's right and fair; only when you come to settle what's right and fair, it's everything that he wants and nothing that you want. And that's his idea of a compromise.
Thomas Hughes

It is better to debate a question without deciding it than to decide it without debate.
Joseph Joubert

His argument is as thin as the homeopathic soup that was made by boiling the shadow of a pigeon that had been starved to death.
Abraham Lincoln

Anger is never without an argument, but seldom with a good one.
George Savile

Marriage is one long conversation, chequered by disputes.
Robert Louis Stevenson

And blessings on the falling out
That all the more endears,
When we fall out with those we love
And kiss again with tears!

Alfred Tennyson

I am not arguing with you - I am telling you.
James Whistler

Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar, and often convincing.
Oscar Wilde

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