Last on Earth

Samuel Butler (Author)

Samuel Butler (Author)

Born: December 4, 1835
Birthplace: Langar, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom
Died: June 18, 1902

Occupation: Author
Profile: Best known for Erewheon.

Number of Quotes: 6

All animals except man know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it.

Any fool can paint a picture, but it takes a wise man to be able to sell it.

Genius ... has been described as a supreme capacity for taking trouble ... It might be more fitly described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds and keeping them therein so long as the genius remains.

Home, Sweet Home must surely have been written by a bachelor.

It has been said that the love of money is the root of all evil. The want of money is so quite as truly.

Money is dead men's bones and dead men's souls. The money that men make lives after them.

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