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Bill Raftery

Bill Raftery

Nickname: Mr. Basketball U.S.A. (1959)

Born: April 19, 1943
Birthplace: New Jersey, U.S.A.

Occupation: College Basketball Coach, Player, and Sportscaster
Profile: With CBS Sports for over 23 years before signing with Fox Sports 1 on June 27, 2013.

Number of Quotes: 70

A large edifice!

A little blow by ability.

A little head and shoulder. No dandruff, but a blow-by!

A little kiss.

A little pirouette, and they said this was a beer town!

A little ricochet romance!

A Whirling Dervish!

And when you're sleepless in Seattle, why not get a little kiss?

And the kiss off the glass.

Attacking the tin!

Bottle of blackout!

Bring your lunch!

Count your chiclets!

Chubby Checker Do the Twist!


Dairy Farmer.

Divine intervention!

Drops the dime...with a kiss!


Fill the lane! Provide the lift!

From the right wing!

Get the puppies organized!

(insert co-announcer's name), (insert team name) goes man to man!

He can do it all; let him into the band!

He can make you ask for your mommy.

He takes it to the promised land!

He's got the puppies sent off the bus.

I wheel the wheelbarrow down the street to the tin!

Response to Verne Lundquist saying: I hope Dwyane Wade likes cajun cooking!

Like a Belgian waffle....Sweet!

Most unattractive, but beneficial.


Nylon teeth, by the guard!


Over early, huh Steve?
Spoken to Steve Albert when the Celtics were blowing out the Nets in the 1st quarter.

Protect the women and children!

Put a little English on it.

Send it in, big fella!

Send it in, Jerome!
Pittsburgh Panther's Jerome Lane's famous backboard shattering dunk on January 25, 1988.

Send it in, medium size fella!

Shakes the dust off...Call the Janitor! the goal!

Tayshaun is not a Prince, he's a King. Strokin' the Trey!
After Tayshaun Prince hit 5 three pointers to start the game.

That was a Tavernly Discard.

The big guy.

The bounce to ecstasy.

The dexterity, The agility!

The fella, from Saint Louie Louie!
After Bradley Beal started to take over.

The fill-up from distance!

The little guy...with the big ticker!

The small change.

The vegetable cart.

There's a little lingerie on the deck.

They're playing a (insert zone defense name) zone with man to man principles!

Walter at the altar: High Mass!

We got a 5 bagger.
After 4th overtime of Connecticut vs Syracuse 2009 Big East tournament quarterfinal.

We got a little nickle-dimer here.

Welcome to the block party!

Why the lefties look so pretty with that stroke, it's amazing.

With a little dipsy do.

With a little smoocher!

With authority!

With disdain to the tin!

(insert player's name) with some early onions!

With the blow-by.

With the kiss.

With the dribble drive.

With the teardrop, that'll make you cry.

With three first, then the deuce!

You might call this Newton's Law!

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