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Sydney Smith

Sydney Smith

Title: Reverend Sydney Smith

Birthdate: June 3, 1771
Birthplace: Woodford, Essex, England, United Kingdom
Date of Death: February 22, 1845

Occupation: Author and Reverend
Profile: Founder of the Edinburgh Review.

Number of Quotes: 2

Going to marry her! Impossible! You mean a part of her; he could not marry her all himself ... There is enough of her to furnish wives for a whole parish ... You might people a colony with her; or give an assembly with her; or perhaps take your morning's walk round her, always provided there were frequent resting-places, and you were in rude health.

One evil in old age is that as your time is come you think every little illness is the beginning of the end. When a man expects to be arrested every knock at the door is an alarm.

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