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Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar

Title: Sir Alan Michael Sugar
Full Name: Alan Michael Sugar

Born: March 24, 1947
Birthplace: Hackney, East London, United Kingdom

Occupation: Author, Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Media Personality
Profile: Founder of Amstrad (1968). Host of The Apprentice (2005-). Knighted in 2000.

Number of Quotes: 3

The accountants have told me that I can have one foot in Jersey, my left earlobe in the Isle of Man, and my right foot in Zurich and pay little or no tax, but ... I will not be running away to the South of France.

The priority in life is to keep an eye on the business and not to get lured into the high social life with groupie-type poseurs who wish to be seen with the new blue-eyed boy.

There should be some professional exam for these analysts. Most of the time they talk through their backsides.

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