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Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson

Title: President Thomas Woodrow Wilson
Full Name: Thomas Woodrow Wilson

Born: December 28, 1856
Birthplace: Staunton, Virginia, U.S.A.
Died: February 3, 1924

Occupation: Head of State
Profile: The 28th President of the United States (1913-1921). Awarded the 1919 Nobel Prize in Peace.

Number of Quotes: 7

Character is a by-product; it is produced in the great manufacture of daily duty.

I am ready.

I would rather lose in a cause that will some day win, than win in a cause that will some day lose!

If you will think about what you ought to do for other people, your character will take care of itself. Character is a by-product, and any man who devotes himself to its cultivation in his own case will become a selfish pig.

My deepest, strongest desire in marrying you, Darling, is to make you happy, and I would put into this some word of love which would seem to your heart a sort of sweet preface to the book of love which we are about to open together, to read new secrets of sympathy and companionship. I would have you catch a glimpse of my purpose for the future and of the joy which that future contains for me, of the gratitude I feel for your priceless gift of love, and of the infinite love and tenderness which is the gift of my whole heart to you.

One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty councils.

There is no such thing as a man being too proud to fight.

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