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Henny Youngman

Henny Youngman

Birth Name: Henry Youngman

Born: March 16, 1906
Birthplace: Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Died: February 24, 1998

Occupation: Comedian and Violinist
Profile: Regarded as the King of the One Liners. Best known for "Take my wife - please!"

Number of Quotes: 6

I'd like to introduce you to some friends of mine. I want to break off with them.

My wife is a light eater. As soon as it's light, she starts eating.

My wife wanted her face lifted. They couldn't do that. But for $80, they lowered her body.

Now she's on a diet. Coconuts and bananas. She hasn't lost any weight. But she can climb a tree!

Take my wife - please!

When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.

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