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Definition: Accountants: plural noun. A person whose job is to keep, inspect, and analyse financial accounts.
Number of Quotes: 5

[Accountancy is] a profession whose idea of excitement is sharpening a bundle of No. 2 pencils.
Time Magazine

Accounting issues did not cause Enron's stock price to fall - its failed business model did.
Joseph Berardino

Accountants and market researchers may be brilliant at examining and analysing facts about the past, but they have no forward vision.
Terence Conran

Accountants are the witch-doctors of the modern world and willing to turn their hands to any kind of magic.
Quoted in February, 1964.
Charles Harman

The accountants have told me that I can have one foot in Jersey, my left earlobe in the Isle of Man, and my right foot in Zurich and pay little or no tax, but ... I will not be running away to the South of France.
Alan Sugar

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