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Definition: An alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavoured with hops.
Number of Quotes: 5

If you do not have patience you cannot make beer.
African (Ovambo) Proverb

When God gave out heads,
I thought He said Beds,
and I asked for a soft one.

When God gave out looks,
I thought He said books,
and I didn't want any.

When God gave out noses,
I thought He said roses
and I asked for a red one.

When God gave out ears,
I thought He said beers,
and I asked for two big ones.

When God gave out chins,
I thought He said gins,
and I asked for a double.

When God gave out brains,
I thought He said trains
and I said I'd take the next one.

When God gave out legs,
I thought He said kegs,
so I ordered two fat ones.

Since then I'm trying to listen better.

Cassell's Humorous Quotations

Prohibition makes you want to cry in your beer, and denies you the beer to cry into.
Don Marquis

A little pirouette, and they said this was a beer town!
Bill Raftery

I'm only a beer teetotaller, not a champagne teetotaller.
George Bernard Shaw

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