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Michel de Montaigne

Michel de Montaigne

Title: Lord Michel Eyquem de Montaigne
Full Name: Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

Birthdate: February 28, 1533
Birthplace: Chateau de Montaigne, France
Date of Death: September 23, 1592

Occupation: Author and Essayist
Profile: French Renaissance writer. Best known for his use of skepticism.

Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_de_Montaigne
Number of Quotes: 6

A man must not always tell all, for that were folly; but what a man says should be what he thinks.

I have never seen a greater monster or miracle than myself.

If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I.

It should be noted that children at play are not playing about; their games should be seen as their most serious-minded activity.

Old age puts more wrinkles in our minds than on our faces.

The thing I fear most is fear.

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